second wave markets crash

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your opinion is:

  1. absolutly correct!

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  2. yes you right but need more consolidation

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  3. you wrong

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  4. you are crazy man! no more crash here!!

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  1. i think we retake crash of 2008

    next days i try to give my justification
  2. why ???
    for what reasons ???
    how many crashes did you predict correcty ???

    i hope for every new crash, so long it dosnt kill the worl economics and forces the countries to world war III.
    Crashes are very healthy for the markets, after that always comes an upswing.
  3. Currently..looking like head and shoulders accured in the Dow 30 and S&P 500 and Bear Flag is in Progress, breaking down now!
    from top 2008 (before crash)
    sp and dow today are in the same level (max up was 11%)
    just nasdaq reach more gains

    but usd down at today
    -17% vs chf
    -28% vs jpy

    so stocks in chf and jpy terms NEVER recover level of 2008

    what means?
    i think is very probably we see max level of stocks and after some consolidation 1 or 2 months more retake big down

  5. true we see second shouldar from 09-20 at today

    i dont have that info but would be very interesting see index of sp+dow+nasdaq to determinate neck of s-h-s formation

    level of start of crash is to me:
    minimum of sp and dow and nasdaq if broke that level crash start again
    minimun was 08.08.2011 in 3 instruments
  6. next days very bullish stocks
    aud touch weekly sup
    jpy and usd probably retrace

    so this week is countertrend to me (bullish)
  7. aud ,nzd and cad rise against usd

    just eur and gbp down a bit

    in conclusion the drop of usd was the reason of stocks us up (remember just nasdaq raise 11% in .... usd)

    after crash 2008 , sotcks rise 2009-2010 and part of 2011

    is very probably to me at least see important correction or 2 wave of crash
  8. sorry i try to say the down of usd explain gains in % of stocks
    if usd had not fallen then stocks NEVER recover levels of august 2008 (before crash september-october-nov-dec of 2008)

    my english is bad sorry

    the idea is simple , stocks of us technically after 3 years of rise cant return at 2008 levels before crash
    so, thats it
  9. about targets

    aj target optimistic (NO CRASH just correction)
    57.50 -59 level (more than 1500 pips of down) today quote 74.67

    crash stage ...... aj broke lowest value 2008 55.20 and go to.....
    35-40 level

    optimistic dow 7600 -7700 level
    crash 4500-5000?

  10. another reason:
    see down of commodities and gold

    gold down 20%!!! from 1920 to 1532 in 17 days!!

    rise of usd explain part of this movement
    usd rise 8% average against majors

    september is savage!
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