Second War Has Begun

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    What will be the overall outcome and pressure on the US economy as we learn that IRAQ was turned into another war, a war without Sadam. IRAN backing , althougth they have been quite, are backing Al Sedir, the NEW SADAM.

    US is going to be sending more troops and we are gona have to roll into IRAN.

    The GOVERNMENT can not continue to bullshit the public, RUMSFELD has made a lot of mistakes....the Shit is now just starting to hit the fan, a year after we entered IRAQ with troops.
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    everything this administration and the prior one has said is all b.s. but then what else can be expected from seasoned politicians.
  3. There is still time to stop the madness.

    Step one- dumya steps down. Him and his cronies started this bullshit, do you really trust them to finish it??????? :confused:

    Step two- give 100$ to each Iraqi, let them vote, elect their OWN fu$#king rulers. 65% vote for clerics? so be it, it's a fu$%ing democracy now isn't it?

    Step 3- get the hell out of there.

    Step 4- crucify the liars back home. Hold new elections.

    bullshit war, a complete fraud, waste of taxpayers money and our soldiers blood

    Step 5- take the $$ from HAL,Betchel and give it back to the taxpayers,

    Step 6- find out who's really behind the 9-11!! stone them in public (hint hint.. most are here in the US, foes dressed as friends)

    Step 7- send all the ET dudya supporters to Saudi Arabia. Bomb the crap out of them...ok maybe skip 7 we need the laughs
    :D :D :D
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    HA ha ha ha ha, soooooooooo funny.
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    This is not the second war it's the WAR not just against Iraq but against ISLAMIC Fundamentalists and the oppressive dictatorial regimes that fund and support them.

    This is a process and it's amazing that people are so shocked. Call Bush slow or not polished, hate the guy for his politics but he is upfront has said from day one since 9/11 that this is going to be a long war and different countries at different times, sometimes we won't see the success and sometimes we will witness the faliures. At least the guy is committed and that's what you want in a leader. We need Churchill and Roosevelt and Lincoln, guys who will take us to the edge because they see a better road ahead.

    What's going on is being exploited by the media and many opponents of Bush to make it seem like the whole country wants us out and that Iraq was a mistake and then today you have some fat porker calling it Vietnam (you can almost hear babykiller under alcohol soaked breath).

    The people in the streets are thugs, assassins, and criminals who were either part of the Hussein regime, or operating in the shadows waiting for their moment or Al Qeada wannabes. The majority of Iraqis just want peace and freedom. The majority of Iraqis are going about the business of rebuilding their country not trying to kill their neighbor. Yet their are no news story of this. 24 million people and the focus on the few thousand scumbags with Kalishnikovs.

    Hopefully we get really nasty in the next few days and crack down hard. This could be the blow off move before the calm (I hope)

    The complexity of the task at hand is mind boggling and we are in it for the long haul, at least I hope because the alternative is to back out and hand another victory to the terrorists/fundamentalists and after Madrid these guys are really emboldened. All these guys really believe now that terrorism works.

    People don't seem to realize these guys don't want us out of Iraq or the middle east they want us of the planet.

    Sooner or later this showdown will come either on our soil or theirs, I see we stick out and finish it and begin the process of undermining the other regimes.

    Ask what's the alternative what do we do with all these groups and governments who clearly have an intention to destroy us?

    Go back to the polcies of the 90's and endure piecemeal attacks until someone sets of a nuke?
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    Great post, I totally agree.

    Occupation of Iraq has many geopolitical and economical reasons behind it. It's definitely gonna take time and work.
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    Great post Irm21!! At least someone here understands what is really going on.

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    Let's not forget that 9/11 ... Twin Towers crumbling... all the lives lost is a key triggering point for what is now going on in Iraq.

    In essence, Bush's stance is, anyone and he means ANYONE in the world who pulls a trigger on our troops or stands in their way... will get the US war machine in their face -- it is ALL part of our retaliation for the deaths we suffered in 9/11.

    To Bush it's all related. And it is he who is bringing to justice ALL the "Evil" ones in the entire world, one body bag at a time....

    That is all this raging war is about now in Iraq. And Bush will NEVER back down, and THEY (the "Evil" doers) will NEVER back down.

    So... we got us a war this time. One that may even make Vietnam fade in the horror of blood flow and body bag counts. And in the same model of Vietnam we are sending in troop build up too slowly, just feeding them to the beast. Our expectations and estimates of the enemy are WAY out of proportion to the real thing.

    Our US military planners may be off in their estimate of the resiliance of the enemy's resolve.

    I think America is ready for a million+ dead Iraqis and 10s of 1000s of dead coalition troops.

    "We will never forget."

    This is the dumbest war ever. This is Dumya's War.


    U.S. warplanes firing rockets destroyed four houses in Fallujah after nightfall Tuesday, witnesses said. A doctor said 26 Iraqis, including women and children, were killed and 30 wounded in the strike. The deaths brought to 34 the number of Iraqis killed in Fallujah on Tuesday.

    [ ]
  10. Young people should know this while there is still time:

    If Bush is re-elected, he will re-institute the draft and draft young men to die in Iraq for oil.

    If the Democrats had any brains, they would be talking to every draft age person who can vote and let them know their future if they don't vote for Kerry.
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