Second reactor at Fukushima may have ruptured, officials say

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    Two reactor containment vessels at Fukushima have ruptured or cracked. That's not the reactor building (which exploded several days ago). But the actual inner steel and concrete reaction chamber holding the fuel rods. Undoubtedly, the prior hydrogen explosions cracked the vessels and are responsible for the venting white plumes of steam and spiking levels of radiation found at the plant. Ironically, the GoJ and Tokyo Electric earlier claimed the massive hydrogen explosions did NOT damage the integrity of the containment vessels. Bullshit. Clearly, the explosions rocked the plant. And now we know otherwise. I say the odds are 2:1 this goes into a full meltdown...

    As a side note, this is just shows how gullible people are - they'll believe professional liars (Government bureaucrats) rather than their own eyes and common sense.

  2. My ass is going to rupture soon.

    The situtaion is bad we know - enough already with all the headlines.
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    Who cares if you're sick of the headlines. I don't.

    Once the reactor vessel is breached, it becomes extremely difficult to prevent a meltdown.
  4. no no no! you don't understand - the arm-chair shorts need to keep posting random negative conjecture to make them right!
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    this is market moving news.. thanks for the post
  6. i disagree crazy cuban - i think there is too much surplus pessimism in the markets right now. expecting a few days of mini rallies over the next few weeks.
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    are you actually trading? cuz it moved ---
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    Check the Nikkei, Forest. You just missed a 400 point drop.

    Denial and baseless optimism will get you nothing but a new a$$hole. Courtesy of us market neutral traders
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    the situation has been grave for days now, and I think just a load of Europeans had their head up their assholes and just realized this shit is serious

    so they're coming out with statements

    yes a full scale meltdown is a possibility, all defences have failed
    it's basically out of our hands isn't it?

    so get you finger out of your ass and start buying these dips because Bernanke is coming to the rescue any time now...
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