second-most-powerful man in America has just become more powerful than ever.

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  1. That man is Fed Chief Ben Bernanke, who was summoned to the White House last Tuesday for a rare public sit-down with President Obama. And no wonder. With the president unable to push any more big spending programs on increasingly frugal voters, Bernanke holds all the keys to staving off not only a double-dip recession, but also a Democratic massacre in the voting booths

    The thinking is that Bernanke is gearing up for a massive monetary surge in the months to come. Such a surge would be accomplished by a further increase in the Fed's ballooning balance sheet. In fact, the Royal Bank of Scotland is telling its clients to prepare for "monster" money printing by the US central bank.

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  2. Might that explain the unusual weakness in the USD over the past 2 weeks? Given the weakness in equities and the fears of a return to the GFC, one would have expected the $ to soar against the Euro and GBP and to hold its own against the JPY. Instead the $ has fallen strongly against all 3 currencies.
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    But I thought the Fed was independent? HA
  4. Maybe...Yea.... back in the day when wage inflation was an issue. Ancient history, jobs - wage inflation -- so 20th century.

    Obama's shovel ready stimulis is now shoveling dollars out the door.
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    Hold on to your ASS-ets! :D
  8. You mean the permabear RBS economists who missed the March 2009 - April 2010 stock rally ? Let the FED print as much as is "needed"...

    Does this mean EUR/USD 2,00 ? S&P 1500 ? :confused:
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    Second most powerful man in America ... haha that's funny. If you are wondering who runs America, if you have read about them in the media, it ain't them.