Second monitor not showing up

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  1. I just looked on my trading machine, my primary card displays like yours, says 9600 pro, then under it 9600 pro secondary. It sounds like you have just the one video card. Make sure to use an ATI card, and preferably the same make as the original card. I would recommend another x300 card, and then the manufacturer probably won't matter. If you can determine what type of port (pci, pci-e, etc.) it's pretty easy to put in yourself.
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  2. Thats right Dino, 40 bucks is nothing for my situation. Thanks for all the advice guys. I never thought I'd get such great help on here. No doubt, you guys are great. I'll update the post once I get everything working.

    No worries Triple x, you guys gave me the ideas. Now I just need someone to implement it, thats all.
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  3. Guys,

    I took my pc to best buy yesterday and these guys said that the only video card that would work properly was the ati x1900 which costs $320 and then $50 to install!!! Plus they'll hold my pc for 3 days to get it done. I need my pc to trade with at least the 2 monitors that I currently have working.. Then, today I called ati support to make sure and they said the same thing, which is to purchase x1900 in order to attach a 3rd monitor.

    So, I have ordered the matrox triple head to go from for $280..The commercial version.. I chose this route for its versatility because this device can be used on any system. If I decide to work from a different pc at a different location, I can always take it there and attach 3 monitors. I can't do that with the exorbitantly priced video card. I sound like an advertiser for Matrox now:D
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  4. They don't know what they are talking about. I listed several video cards that would support up to 4 monitors... Anyway, the route you choose makes sense as well. Good Luck!
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  5. Wow, I can't believe any of that. The ATI x300 has GOT to be compatible with another x300. Matrox is very good, you should have no problems. Good Luck.
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