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    I have 4 monitors and 2 video cards. One card is a Matrox and the other a G-Force. For some reason, I cannot get the secondary monitor on the G-Force to show a display.

    I have switched the monitors to make sure the monitor is good. The cables are all good. The drivers appear to be correct. It gets some signal when the cpu starts because a message "off in 5 seconds" appears on the monitor, but it never shows a display. It also doesn't show up in the display properties when I right-click on the desktop.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Sorry pal, I don't have a reply for you, but I got my own problems and dug up this thread.

    I have one monitor port and one dvi port on my pc. I got my 30 inch plasma tv connected to the dvi port. The tv is huge but useless because everything is soooooo huge and in my face..The damn tv doesn't support 1280 x 1024... So I am adding 2 new monitors to the same pc for a total of 3. The question is, How do I connect the two pc monitors into the one monitor port that I have? I want my desktop spread over the 3 monitors..

    I checked the computer settings and it shows that I can connect up to 4 monitors at once but don't know how. So far I've only figured out how to connect 2...I hope some one can help..Please help, I need it for tuesday..

  3. Here is your solution:

    Any of their video cards are great. Also, I believe they are a sponsor of Elite Trader and you should get 20% off if you mention the Elite trader name.
  4. Thank you so much for the quick solution. I am gonna try to purchase it at bby or cc. I hope they have it even though I won't get the discount...

    edit..Oh cc and bby don't have it:( Do you have a specific name for this type of device? Maybe they carry other brands...
  5. Before you buy that make sure it meets your goals... It's one of the cheaper ones but if it works then great. I personally use a Matrox QID low profile to support my four monitors. This page will have some of the other options listed:

    Good luck. FYI I bought mine on ebay and it's worked fine.
  6. gnome


    That product is exclusive... nobody else has it. Suggest you try to accomplish your goal with multiple video cards.
  7. What mmc showed me is perfect but i didn't expect to spend that much...And I don't want to open up the pc to put in the video card since I can't ever close it properly...Is there any other less expensive route? If there is no other way, I'd have to go with matrox... Maybe it's cheaper on ebay?

    edit: Also is there any way to get my tv to support 1280x1024?

    Thanks a lot guys.
  8. If you don't want to open the PC then that's the only option. Try ebay to save money.

    FYI. Putting in a video card is very simple in case you've never done it... Kind of like lego's. Pull one out put the other in.

    But you can try ebay... Just type in "triplehead2go" in the search window... The cheapest I see is around $280 with shipping.
  9. gnome


    1. Multiple video cards are the cheapest route possible to accomplish your goal.

    2. Bite the bullet... open the case.

    3. No. Even if your TV is HDTV, it's probably going to display only 720 lines.

    Forget about having a television as part of your display.... it's an ill-conceived idea.
  10. MMC, thank you so much for even doing the search for me on ebay. I also searched and found similar to what you have found. I'll make a decision after one more question.

    Gnome, I agree, I gotta get rid of this tv.

    Can I get a video card with 3 monitor support? If so, may I have some names for a good 3 monitor support video cards? And how much would that cost?

    Thank you very much. I owe you guys for your help.

    I'm sorry, thats actually 3 more questions:D
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