Second Law of Thermodynamics Proven False

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  1. Does that mean they are going to regrade my 1953 thermodynamics exam.:confused:
  2. does this mean there really is a god?

  3. lol
  4. F- to F. big deal.

  5. ...This is what I have been complaining about for a long time.....These so called experts and scientists come out with a finding and if you do not agree with it , you are naive, dumb or ignorant.....then years later they say OOOps! ....we have another version,,,,,,Just like the 'LOW FAT PYRAMID DIET" that they all pushed on the you have an diabetes and obscenity epidemic going on....but all they keep saying is Atkins MUST be wrong because we say so.,.. LOL
  6. lol you are so stupid and naive it is laughable. :D

    no, you don't have to believe it just because they say so, you can submit your theory for consideration [not that you'd ever have anything of value to sybmit :p ]

  7. SYBMIT????????........You are calling others STUPID? Im surprised you didn't spell that wrong too!!!
  8. you are so petty. add that to the list:

    TM is:


    the more you speak the longer the list grows

  9. You forgot
    5) Hung like a garden hose
    6) much funnier and inventive then any other poster on ET.

    ...BTW....I'd like to congratulate you on spelling DUMB correct...
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