Second charts or time/sales with DOM?

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  1. What would be more beneficial for precise entries, having a 5 second chart with volume or watching time and sales with DOM , WHY?

    Just looking for others thoughts/opinions on this. Thanks
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    Use a footprint chart for epic precision.
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    I actually use the 5 second charts for ES trading, very early signs of possible trend changes when using volume, I like to put together as many bars on one screen that Ninja allows and can easily spot lower highs/higher lows to spot where Price is in trend. But also seeing Fast run ups or run downs clearer than on minute bars. But I prefer to use 3 or 5 minute bars with 5 second charts to spot S/R better.

    Now I have been able to identify a few reliable patterns using the Dome, but often they happen within a few seconds that allow me to get out of a position faster if I believe rotation is happening, but other factors come into play, not just using the Dome itself. Like past few days, the bigger brokerage houses have not been in the market and this can be seen on the Dome cause lack of volume at each price level.

    I never been able to successfully develop methods that consistently worked well using volume or range bars on ES, that not to say others have not been able to, but I prefer to know when end of a bar happens.
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  4. Thanks for the replies, I personally like 5 sec on CL with volume at the bottom. Can get some really nice precision. I'll have to checkout footprint charts, never really explored those before. I find it hard to get the same precision on other markets as I get on CL don't know why that is. Seems volume gives a clearer picture in CL too IMO.
  5. Two charts with different timeframes.

    T&S and DOM aren't useful (except to millionaire ET gurus, who only speak in riddles and won't give you actual, quantifiable information about how to use them profitably), or at least not to me.
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    Why would anyone give you 'free' quantifiable information here?

    Your could be the enemy or employee of Goldman sachs lurking here.

    You ain't no friend of mine, you are nothing but hound dog in the mean streets.

    Putting a post here is same as putting post in public board in the street.

  7. Because the people who speak in riddles are the same people who are trying to sell their shitty courses here and via PM.

    If I was ever going to pay money for a trading course or system, I would require quantifiable proof that it works beforehand. Quantifiable proof with no room for ambiguity.

    But most people are just like "herp derp, this guy says he knows the secrets and will tell me if I pay him one low price of $497 (or whatever the price is)! I'm gonna sign up and then start buying yachts and banging supermodels!"
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  9. I've seen free edges posted here.... buying on monday and selling on friday is a quantifiable edge. Has been since the 1700's