second bull leg

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are we entering a new bull leg?

  1. yes, once 1300 is broken

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  2. no, we are going down after 1280

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  1. are we about to start it?

    some key technicals have been breached and another level (1280, 2090) is so close you can taste it.

    question to the community: we had a correction and a "baby bear" market. are we in the beginning of the next leg up? what else do you need to fall in line to be able to call such a trend?

  2. Consumers flush with cash savings.
  3. the volume is too broad to be consumers/retail accounts. this is a legitimate move, beyond that i don't know enough to see a trend developing or not......

  4. Consumers have zero savings, consumers are overloaded with debt. Consumers are being squeezed in every direction, interest rates, gasoline, food, electricity,medical costs.

    I think to get a lasting trending bull market the consumers need to be in better financial shape.

    The nasdaq in in the smae place it was 30 months ago, lower even. The SP is up 7 percent over the last 30 months, the Dow 3%

    The US has never been is worse fiscal shape then it is right now. So the fed pauses, the dollar keeps falling, foreign investors own our ass, that has never happened in the history of this great country.
  5. that wont happen with one pause - and won't be fixed by one hike.
  6. and that doesn't factor in erosion of 'real' value via declining dollar.. once adjusted, it's not just breakeven, it's really a full blown unacknowledged recession we've been in
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    dead on. buy yourself a beer and pretend i bought it for you.
  8. I just bought some SPY aug 128 puts at 1.40. Plan to do the same to DIA some time today
  9. there is a lot of action on the near 130 spy calls. I think this bull move is for real.
  10. There is only one guaranteed certainty as far as I'm concerned. If I am wrong it won't be the first nor the last time.

    You may very well be right. Those options could be part of bear call spreads. One just never knows.
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