Second based charts for Daytrading?

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  1. The bottom line is that you should trial it and see if it fits you and what is you want to accomplish.

    It might be that you get a signal on the 1-minute and then use the 10-second to fine tune your entry.

    Give it study. :)
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  2. padutrader


    then what value does that have
    I base all my decisions on 5 min
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  3. padutrader


    fine tune what?

    what market moves substantially in 10 sec that you have to fine tune it?

    before you process the information it will take you 2 sec and another second a at least to press buy or sell button..

    are you super man
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  4. padutrader


    tell me are guys profitable doing this 1M stuff
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  5. CALLumbus


    10 sec chart is too slow in certain instruments/ situations. Use a correctly adjusted tick based chart instead.

    Almost every day you have periods in CL and especially NQ where 10 seconds seem like an eternity. Market volatility is not very high right now, but in markets like 2018 (VIX spike), NQ jumps around 20 points or more in 10 seconds.

    If it is too fast, you are too slow. Maybe try some different instruments like ZN or Bobls then.
    4 seconds to process info from a chart and press the mouse ? Who are you ? Grampa Simpson ?

    To all who need an excellent, fast and reliable charting (and trading) software for the futures market, I can strongly recommend Sierra Charts. Been using it for years now and couldnt be happier with it.
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  6. padutrader


    see I am not bothered if you dance naked in the street if it makes you money. are they??
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  7. CALLumbus


    This is not India.

    You asked a question, I gave you the answer.
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  8. padutrader


    I know you cannot sell the top or buy the bottom and I have see that from 30 years experience.

    so what the hell are you people trying to fine tune.

    please tell me then I will also try
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  9. padutrader


    you mean it is not USA I have seen more people naked on streets in USA then in India.

    the only people naked on streets in India and on beaches in GOA are foreigners not Indians

    get your facts right
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  10. padutrader


    you did not

    are you making money or not doing this 1M?
    yes or no
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