SEC Weighs Bringing Back Fractions in Stock Prices

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by OnClose, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Other than creating a mess it will change nothing.

    Lowes increment for retail was 1/16. Market Makers and those with direct access traded in 1/32 and 1/64. I do not remember exactly but I thing I have seen 1/128 and maybe 1/264 fractions which is sub-penny trading.

    Anyway I will have to dig out my old function converting decimals to fractions for order submission. Funny.

    SEC official job is to regulate market to be fair and transparent for all participants and not protect Wall Street firms and creating revenue stream for them by increasing spreads.
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    Yeah the smallest I ever traded was 1/16, I've never seen 1/32, 1/64, 1/128 or 1/264. If those are possible I guess fractions aren't the way the SEC will try to curb HFT.
  4. just got to pennies. Sub pennies was just dumb. fractions..just dumb.

    Throw on some 100 millisecond speed limit and your done.

    Is like hard? More studies, more discussion, more reviews. SEC idiots.
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    SEC follows orders from a foreign power. Just look who's the chairman of the SEC... All key positions in America are infiltrated by these foreign people.. Their interest is to destroy America to profit big from the choas they themselves architect and orchestrate...
  6. this is a cry for help for flagging trading volumes. the robots are giving money back and forth to and from eachother the same way scalpers were years back before that strategy washed out. sounds like the hope is to bring back some nostalgic daytraders and wider spreads.
  7. I guess it's sort of like bell bottoms and leg warmers.

    I guess I could get rich by creating my own exchange called RetroEx. Our company logo would be a fat specialist smoking a cigar in front of a big board showing fractions.
  8. That's far too logical to work for the SEC. :p

    Speed limits? Politicians will be sick of golf and free stuff by the time the financial lobbyists get through with fighting such a thing.
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    it's not gives certain group of market participants advantage we don't have. but i agree with you. ban subpenny.that's require absolutely nothing,but ONE order from SEC. if SEC want volume back-that would be good first step to transparency and fairness. along with order to abandon idiotic PDT rule. i've been saying this for years...over past decade they effectively killed the golden goose of trading-retail. now-it's bot eat bot. no one wins here.
  10. PDT is the worst thing ever....
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