SEC Votes to Abolish "Flash" Fills

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  1. Voted late this afternoon, 5-0 to eliminate "flash" fills.
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    do a google search.
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    This won't take too much liquidity away, it will just change the structure of market makers. When institutional orders come into the market, that's when volume appears, the market makers will still need to work those orders. They will just program a new algorithm to trick the market.
  5. Good, maybe the SEC will vote themselves out of a job as this should have been taken care of a long time ago.

    Fucking incompetents they are.
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    I wonder if I am still allowed to use flash orders.

  7. Not sure about that.

    They may be highly competent for the constituency they service.
  8. Depends who you flash.
  9. Dad??!!!!???? Is that you?

    Actually, they are not incompetent. They provide a good value for the dollar. Unfortunately, it's for GS and SAC and such, but it's good value.

    For instance, the corrupt Linda Thomsen, long time "Director of Enforcement", was there a good ten years. Why so long? Seems her husband was at Davis Polk, and firm that defended the people she was supposed to prosecute. When she left after a brow beating from Gary Ackerman, where did she go? Why, Davis Polk.

    So, you see, the yolk is on us. To the tune of several trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, and untold suffering.
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