SEC specialist investigations moving to U.S. options exchanges

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    I still get lots of pulled bids on AMEX option orders.

    I gotta remember to remove them from SMART...
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    ...Rennick outta here

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  4. Thanks for the info.
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    how did you get an ofer from GS, when I didn't even got an interview, suckers like you ruin it for hard working fellas like me...

    I know this is a slightly older thread, but, the PHLX options exchange just got busted by the SEC. The PHLX just happened to forget to surveil for options violations that would be profitable to the public, and detrimental to themselves. Funny thing. AMEX was also caught red-handed failing to surveil its options markets for not filling orders on their disseminated prices.

    But there is a difference between the PHLX and AMEX. The PHLX did not go on to falsify documents to cover up the problem (SEC caught AMEX doing this). AMEX did falsify documents.

    Other option exchanges are surely involved in not filling prices on their disseminated markets, when the price would be good for the public.

    Why aren't we seeing this on CNBC?
  7. Excellent news ! Maybe now IB will allowed us to to "exclude" PHLX from Smart ?
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