SEC short selling ban to be lifted on Oct 8!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Who knows it, the market will probably go higher after the short selling ban is lefted that day! Crazy of course, market never does what you want it to do/expect it to do.
  3. Ask MS J. Mack who Pequot is....

    The other idiot just that....

    The SEC is a total joke......

    Their days are numbered.....
  4. "The SEC took on short-selling last month after Morgan Stanley Chief Executive Officer John Mack and New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer blamed the practice for driving companies to the brink of collapse."

    Sheesh, not even a mention of what's his name.

    I've read a lot over the years and never heard these two mention naked shorting. Hmnn.. maybe I'll do a google word search, I must have missed something. Dopey Schumer.
  5. Is this confirmed?
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    Market will probably go up once the ban is lifted. :D :D :D