SEC Short Sale Rules Extended

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    The naked short sell rules have imposed more difficulties for short term traders to make a living, while favoring market makers in that they are exempt from the rule. Some MM firms have been formed previously in the old days mostly to have this advantage.
    This rule steps back in time.

    After implementation of this rule, daily swings have often changed daily 3 to 10%+, which is why the rule was employed....therefore the rule was totally ineffective.

    Secondly the SEC is grasping at political straws to make the appearance that it is on the job....when in effect they have totally missed the boat....and are only badly reacting to after the fact events.

    I suppose the SEC is going to take credit for upward movement when the movement in the dollar/oil is the reason.

    My message to the SEC is that you are totally ineffective and dead wrong with regards to how you are employing SS rule restrictions.

    Just more needless bureacratic nonsense from incestual SEC Corporate relationships.

    It does no good to react and scapegoat nonsensical reasoning only to make it appear that you are doing your job for the public, when in fact you have already failed the public, and are only a part of the incestual police policing the police legal largesse.

    Just as another example, it was only yesterday that the Ex Head of the SEC went on Bloomberg before the public mentioning how Thain was the posterchild of the new era of WS transparency, and only 5 minutes later, a more responsible executive at PIMCO was mentioning how Thain lost his credibility because of trying to play accounting games, which was anything but transparent.

    In fact because of your recent horrid performance which you are only making worse, your organiztion needs to be eliminated and replaced with an up to date, effective organization whose work is pertinant to current issues. The SEC are just a bunch of low paid individuals striving to increase their pay on WS....that is it in a nutshell. The only way to make the SEC legitimate is to make rules whereby SEC individuals cannot crossover to corporate jobs, using their police standings.

    The SEC is in the stone age, and needs to be replaced, and unecessary legal largesse needs to be eliminated.....and particularly the revolving door jobs from the SEC to Corporate.
  2. The Financial stocks of concern have had huge percentage change days because there is over $500,000,000,000
    of hidden losses on their books.

    Citi is valuing at $53 what MER valued at $22 only yesterday....and according to PIMCO executives who reacted yesterday, along with others....MER was not entirely straightforward in this transaction.

    The SEC is simply trying to put lipstick on a pig, which is futile.
    These companies merit big swings, because there are a lot of problems.

    What the SEC should be doing is requiring these firms to be transparent. These issues have nothing to do with short selling.

    If the players knew what these companies were actually holding, the high % daily swings would stop.

    However, of course this is a political issue obviously......With the SEC only wanting to look like it is doing something before the public.

    SEC = NONSENSE, and desperately needs to be replaced by a pertinent organization.....

    I hope all the exchanges move offshore so that real progress can be made....leaving the US SEC Corporate musical chair, police policing the police job program.

    Hopefully Dubai will start a worldwide approach such as BATS which will allow for very low cost, unimpeded shortselling and buying of securities worldwide, totally aborting the SEC and its total nonsense.
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    now the fed is also trying to use the momentum to prop up the market