SEC presentation Sub Penny HFT etc.

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  1. My brother, a trader, and our Compliance Officer went to the SEC to present info regarding the above.

    You may have an interest.

    Mar. 24, 2010 Bob Bright, Chief Executive Officer, Bright Trading LLC; Diane Anderson, Compliance Officer, Bright Trading LLC; and Dennis Dick, CFA, Trading Member, Bright Trading LLC

  2. Thank you, Don - an interesting read!
  3. Hey Don, I'm really glad you guys are doing this. The whole fragmenting of the equity market is a sham. I'm glad you guys are tackling this problem head on.
  4. We are asking for the help of all traders. The SEC is currently accepting comments on the equity market structure. We encourage you to submit your comments and concerns with sub-pennying or any other market abuses via this online form: Release on Equity Market Structure

    This is our big chance to stand up for fair markets and make our opinions count!!

    Thank you for your efforts.

    Dennis Dick,
    Bright Trading LLC
  5. I'll chip in $20 if you hire a lobbyist. :)
  6. ScottSam


    Apr. 1, 2010 Jason Fournier, Bright Trading, Las Vegas, Nevada

    I support this man's comments 1000%.

    I have had the exact same observations day in and day out, and I can only wish that some of this will be heard, understood, and acted upon !

    Any liquidity provider that has been playing the market since 2000 has seen the way they (MM's, brokers, etc) have nibbled away and taken every bit of (unfair) advantage that they could ever wrongly justify.

  7. Then you should let the SEC know. If a 100 or so traders post comments it will make a difference in the changes that are made. Release on Equity Market Structure