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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradersboredom, Mar 16, 2009.

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    The SEC PDT Pattern Daytrading Rule which was joke SEC rule min. $25,000 which was introduced in fall 2002 is the main reason for the surge in retail futures trading IMO.

    The official reason for the introduction of PDT was to protect investors. Investors don't daytrade.

    With Forex, futures with low capital to daytrade and large leverage it made markets more volatile.

    With the removal of the SEC PDT rule, the market rules will be common sense not lobby from CME or other self interest group who probably bribed the SEC into making that rule for their benefit or profit.

    With PDT rule removal and reinstatement of uptick rule markets will be harder to control or manipulate. Stocks have less leverage and is not a zero sum game.

    and stocks are a lot easier to make money and spreads are a lot less than futures, forex, and options. market makers make more money on futures, forex and options than stocks
  2. Ughhh NOTHING pisses me off more than THIS rule. This rule is ancient and needs to be abolished. With the market volatility this high it's probably the dumbest rule out there.

    If someone burns down an SEC HQ i'll piss on the ashes.
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    I've never understood the reasoning for the PDT rule other than profit for somebody.

    Why should the SEC tell me i can't daytrade stocks but can daytrade futures, forex if they believe in free markets.

  4. Why are you blaming the CME group? I don't think they had anything to do with the PDT rule in the first place.
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    lobby the SEC CME is private corporation. CME makes more money if more people daytraded futures.

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    The SEC does not regulate futures, the CFTC does.
  7. Why are you guys so pissed about this? Yes, it's a stupid rule, but if putting up 25k is such a problem, then most probably you shouldn't daytrade anyways. Plus, I don't think that masses of 5-10k daytraders will even remotely balance out hedge fund insiders...