SEC naked Short sale rule working.

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  2. Woulda worked fine with out the Option MM exemption.
  3. Stocks never go up or down continuously. One day can not be used to validate that something is or isn't working.
  4. Ironically, 1 day is all we needed to know that it doesn't work. It actually may have the opposite effect

    Financials Have Biggest Decline in 8 Years

    Read that? 8 friggin years!!!!

    The shit don't work!
  5. Digs


    Very good, soon the will stop LONGs.

    Ooops, they have done that cause that's called privatisation or(govt owned enterprises).
  6. nitro


    If you say that, you have zero clue what you are talking about. Without being able to short stock, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE MARKETS IN OPTIONS WITHOUT BEING ABLE HEDGE WITH THE UNDERLYING.

    So if someone wants to buy a put from me, or sell a call to me, I MUST be able to hedge that with short stock. Otherwise, on a daily basis, there would be option market makers blowing out.

  7. greddy


    Now Michigan is too big to fail.

    The auto manufacturers will probably
    be bailed out if they start sinking. Oh,
    wait, they are already sinking.

    Top management at the Big 3 totally misread the market
    while Toyota had come out with the Prius years ago.

    Not to worry, Govmt to the rescue. Just have
    the taxpayer foot the bill.
  8. Take risk like the rest of us. Put some vig in puts for yourself. I figure , it's you , or the system. I pick you.

    What God given right do you have to operate a riskless business? If you fail, you fail. That's what all you guys tell me about companies/stocks. We take risk. You should try it.
  9. No market makers, huh?

    LOL! I think we've raised the bar on cluelessness since I last visited here.

    Thanks for the chuckle though.
  10. You're comparing apples to oranges. If you make a bet, nobody is forcing you to do it. Market makers are obligated to be the counterparty. So like Deadwood said market makers need to be able to hedge so that they can control risk.
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