SEC & 'Misc' fees for trading BAC

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    Hi Traders

    Happy 4th July to the US folks.

    In the interests of transparency I would like to compare the SEC fees and 'Misc' fees that appear in my prop reports end of day PNL.

    I am not talking about any other fees here just the SEC and 'misc' fees.

    So here are my figures for 1000 shares of BAC.

    Buying I get billed $0 SEC fee and 3.46c 'Misc'

    Selling I get billed 15.8c SEC and 12.96c 'Misc'

    Everyone else agree with these, anyone paying higher or lower?

    Do these figure look alright?

    Happy Trading

  2. 7out


    I traded exactly 1000 shares (each way today of BAC).

    Orders Fills Qty Price Position Gross Ecn Clear NSCC / Trade & Execution SEC / ETFA NYSE / TAF NSDQ Net
    Bought 1 3 1,000 7.8900 (7,890.00) (2.500) 0.200 0.050 (7,887.75)
    Sold 1 1 1,000 7.8900 7,890.00 (2.500) 0.200 0.030 0.180 0.110 7,891.98
    2 4 2,000 0.00 (5.000) 0.400 0.080 0.180 0.110 4.23

    Actually did this trade to show Don, you can net $2/1000 shares just by breaking even.

    Made $2.25 on buy side and made $1.98 on short side.

    The SEC fees were 18 cents, and other fees were 14 cents (NSCC/NSDQ) plus 20 cents per 1000 shares trading fees.
  3. londonkid


    Hi Mate

    Thanks for the reply. looks like your total cost for the above is 40c commission plus 18c SEC and 19c 'Misc' (there is another 5c on the buy from what I can see)

    So your total cost is 77c round trip 1000 shares BAC, that's excellent. You gotta do a stack of volume but just shows it can work. If you can fill on BATS and get out on on BATSY you should net +$2.50 - 20c - 77c = $1.53 for getting out at the SAME price. nice.....
  4. londonkid


    and I meant to add if you are willing to wait for a non inverse ECN you can net more eg. BATS open and close would net you +$4.23 with costs of 77c for closing at the SAME price. Nice