SEC looking at new regulations

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by TraDaToR, Feb 7, 2011.

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    sec is completely and utterly worthless. it should be completely disbanded and the money returned to the budget.
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    SEC not doing it's job it was mandated to do.

    The US financial markets is a mess.

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    I second that. Ever since I have been trading (since the 1990s), the SEC has done nothing to protect the individual investor. In fact, it has consistently made it harder to trade with its decisions. Maybe at one point it was a worthy organization but now it generally does the opposite of what it should be doing.
  6. "She suggested one proposal could establish limit-up/limit-down trading parameters in which "trades would have to be executed within a range tied to recent prices for the security."

    This sounds pretty scary to me. Hopefully they don't go too far with the proposals and kill off the market completely.

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    Isn't it supposed to keep market makers and investment baks in business?
  8. Ah, you see, you are very, very wrong. "Worthless" connotates void of any worth. However, the SEC proves year in, year out, that it is extremely valuable to vested interests. Just happens, they aren't ours.

    The fact that the country is on the balls of it's ass is totally mute - to them.
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    You must be confusing it with Fed :p
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    The exchanges are suppose to facilitate a fair,orderly ,efficient , and transparent marketplace for all market participants.

    The current state of the exchanges are unfair, unorderly,inefficient, and low transparency marketplace .

    Any exchange rule changes will be met with resistance from some market participants who currently have an advantage in the marketplace and benefit from the status quo.

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