SEC head Schapiro salary 1.99 & 3.1 million in '06 and '07 - conflict of interest

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  1. Was this common knowledge - that our SEC chief has a lawsuit against her?
  2. Now that Schapiro can't even get insider traders at the SEC to take a leave of absence, it's time to revisit her own ethical issues (see link in first post).

    I'll be the first one to say it - it's time for Schapiro to step aside.
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    The SEC is almost as corrupt as the FDA. The FDA takes the cake, the Fed is right behind, and then the SEC. It would be fair to argue the Fed is more corrupt than the FDA though. Oh wait, I forgot about the CIA. Shit, can anyone name a government agency that is NOT corrupt?
  4. I hope you also felt the same way with Christopher Cox.

    In the meantime, FINRA is a total sham.
    That's the biggest problem that I see.
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    She was a joke of an appointment in the first place.
  6. That article has by far the lowest estimate for the damage caused by Madoff's ponzi scheme.

    "Schapiro's nomination, at a December 18 press conference, occurred just days after the arrest of Bernard Madoff in an alleged $50 Ponzi scheme that only came to light after Madoff himself confessed to his two sons, both senior employees at his firm."