SEC Fines? Short Sales?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Johnny Walker, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. "Got my first Fine from the SEC. Did an Illegal short sale. I didn't know i did it but they fined me $25 dollars plus my profits on the stock which was $35. I think, besides opening orders, i should stay away from short sales from now on. They cost more because they are billable orders and now i get greif from this. Im sure i still had to pay the commission of 2 cents to my broker (buy and sell) and the 1 cent to the specialist plus another 80 cents for SEC fees and out $76 if monday wasnt bad enough."

    I read this quote on some ones trading journal and would appreciate it if some one could explain to how to do a shortsale without getting fined? (Nasdaq and NYSE) I have a basic scottrade retail account and usually just stick to trading hard commodities.

    Thank You, in advance for the replies!
  2. #1) quit using scottrade.... wtf? you're the second person in as many days who said they used this still - ack!

    #2) What stock and ECN were you on? (if you can choose an ECN, that is)
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    Interesting... I would think scottrade would get fined for allowing the trade.

  4. I dont think I can choose an ECN, I have never seen the option to choose this. I was planning on shorting MSFT. I only trade stocks once every couple months. Commodities are my main trading tool.
  5. well, like I said, get out of scottrade

    I just started shorting limits on arca on downticks today actually. The word is around ET is that you can do so on arca w/ no probs. So far so good.

    I'm going to bed - only 6.75 hrs to opening bell ack!
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    The SEC did not impose that fine on the trader, it was the brokerage that did it to cover their own hide.
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    Scottrade should have systems in place to prevent illegal short sales. I would ask for reimbursement or move to another broker..

  8. I'm confused, what were the specifics of the illegal trade.