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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bigbeech, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. when will they lower the damn SEC fees?? I know the increase has been in effect for a while, but how much money do they have to rape us for when we are really receiving nothing in return?? do we need this extra tax on our earnings? everyday, I get pissed off looking at how much I am paying in SEC fees compared to this time last year. Isn't it enough that we pay state and federal taxes? The SEC fee increase is bullshit and we need to go back to the old fee schedule.
  2. tonyb


    I agree with you. The SEC fees are outrageous. I heard they're supposed to go down by 20%. But when? I don't know.
  3. Due to be reduced from 46.80 per million$ sold to 39.00.
    Thirty days after SEC gets its FY2004 appropriation, I think this date varies (don't remember when it came thru last yr.).

    It's adjusted every year based on SEC requirements, in short, lower volume and stock prices = higher fees, and vice versa, so better times ahead hopefully..
  4. ener555


    I was wondering if anybody else saw an increase in SEC fees in the last couple of days. I checked my trading sheets and found that they used to charge me $0.00103/Share and now it's 0.00128/ Share. Does not sound like much but ifyou do about 1 Million Shares/month it adds up.
  5. that can add up too :)
  6. what brokers dont charge sec fees??
  7. Interactive Brokers does not charge the SEC fee.
  8. Mecro


    I'm surprised SEC even has the audacity to charge fees after that bullet decision they made. I'm fine with them charging a fee for their pretend work to protect the small guy, but when they eliminate bullets, that is crossing the line. We are paying them to get screwed?