SEC fees on stock transctions going up.

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  1. currently $5.60/million

    going to $25.70/million.
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  3. I'd think this ought to reduce black box/algo trading substantially, no?

    It's a huge increase.
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    to reward a job well done?

    i've long been an advocate of more funding for the SEC, but also a cleaning out of their staff, and some rule that you can't jump from the SEC to the companies the SEC investigates / works with without a several year wait.
  5. 500% lol. They can jack it 2000%, they're still too dumb to catch the Madoffs of this world.
  6. actualy $25/$1 mil has been the avg over the past 15 years. i've seen it $45/$1 mil many times over the past 10 years
  7. tt's nothing
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    Hey, I thought the government was railing against rewarding terrible performance with massive pay rises?
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