SEC Extends Short-Sale Ban, Giving Congress Time for Bailout

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    Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will extend a ban on short-sales of financial stocks, leaving the prohibition in place until Congress approves a $700 billion economic bailout.

    The ban will expire three days after lawmakers give Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson authority to buy illiquid assets that are burdening financial institutions, the SEC said today in a statement. The prohibition on short-selling will cease no later than Oct. 17 if Congress fails to pass the legislation.

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  2. I might as well go on vacation. Lot more risk for my style of trading being long than short in this market.

    Still have yet to see a stock that was harmed by legal short selling.
  3. That was one of my early fascinations with the market, tracking stocks that rose in price as short interest increased.