SEC= Communist China?

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  1. you can't sell Freddie and Fannie short for 30 days? We are turning into a communist country, what about free markets? Next they will say you can only be short oil! Oh and primary dealers what a bunch of bull$hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. US is pushing toward socialism
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    np with IB
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    This is Washington insiders covering their ass for THEIR mistakes at OUR expense as taxpayers.

    There is no accountability, anywhere.

    2010 Deficit 10 Trillion Dollars? Who cares. They've padded their futures, and Bush will be back in west Texas fishing.
  5. you can short all you want. You have to borrow it first.

    Do you people read at a third grade level, or what????
  6. even if you can't short sell in China their market still down 50%

    limiting short selling - limits upside after all
  7. sorry I shot from the hip. As a futures/cash trader I make a lot of short trades, just read the article got it clear now.
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    Do I need to borrow it before buying it ?
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    As someone who follows the rules, and borrows stock the same day I short it, I fail to see any problems with this.
  10. What percentage of these two does the Government own. How is the relationship structured?
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