SEC charges GS with fraud

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by nitro, Apr 16, 2010.

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  2. No, they are now doing the job they are supposed to do, protect investors. Its about time. They have moved from a fee garnering nightmare for small firms to actually doing something real.
  4. nitro


    That this stock is not down 20% is beyond me. I have no position in GS.

    This will cause a cascade of firings and possibly criminal charges.
  5. risky63


    I was wondering what they were gonna use to take the market down.........
    lets see how far it goes.
  6. GG1972


    shouldve taken a position-even a small one-these are events not to be missed

    Thanks to the guy who posted the 1930's bull run ended on April 16.
  7. Daal


    Dont worry Lloyd Blankefein will announce he has insurance against legal actions and they are 100% hedged against this event
  8. You bet that this information has been known to the GS staff before it was released today. Goldman Principal Trading Desk is 10000 % short. I bet that international players are the ones paying for this "news release"...
  9. haha, that was good.

    I wonder who the counter party to these LDS's (legal debt swaps) are?

    Perhaps prudential or something..:p
  10. Illum


    I dunno, Fraud is serious. They may be fixing resumes, not trades. Waiting for this bounce to end, back to faz today. Been so long. I missed you faz. Whats up with mbi, aig? long. ripppinnnn Maybe they have claims? Aig on fire....
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