SEC chairman could be in trouble ?

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  1. In the past week, the FED added ANOTHER $200 billion to the system... letting flagging financial companies literally trade crap for treasuries.

    In the past week, rumors abounded about Bear Stearns, meanwhile its stock continued to crater.

    In the past week, the chairman of the SEC, Chris Cox, amazingly told reporters that Bear Stearns' liquidity was just fine. Why would Chris Cox, the head regulator, be acting as a lawyer for a company the SEC regulated?

    In the past week, the CEO of Bear Stearns, in an interview, stated liquidity was fine.

    Will Chris Cox be called in front of congress for this?
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    The man has had it right all along.

    Also, he has stated employees at the SEC had "preloaded" ATM cards.

    Again, "Woltz, Duess, Currin," Sam Currin, an attorney, highest ranking Republican in NC is in prison. One of the charges was having in his possession an ATM card from offshore. The website is gone, but it was a Miami Lakes co. run by the son of John Duess.

    This is why your seeing raids in Lichtenstein, etc. It is all falling in on them. The SEC has a new IG, and I do not think, if he does his job, the SEC will be here in its present form next year.

    And btw, George Bush' hands are not clean here.
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    I wondered the same thing... will class action lawsuits pop up from investors that purchased BSC on 3/13 after their CEO said liquidity was fine?
  4. the ceo stating everything was a lie don't get me wrong but for Chris Cox to come out and say everything was fine with a bank he is supposed to be regulating! something inheritly wrong with that.
  5. i meant the ceo of bsc stating everything was fine was different than the sec chairman saying everything was fine with bsc a day before they blew up.