SEC chair on CNBC at 2:00 est.

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  1. watch the sidestep to "why hasn't the naked short rule been enforced all along?"
  2. Because . .

    "Naked short-selling is not technically illegal," says SEC Chairman.
  3. Don't tell flytiger!
  4. Yea, I don't get how you can trade more shares than are in the float. Something to do with fail to deliver being the critical factor.
    She should have paraded the sho list past him. Why is that so populated if you're enforcing anything or there's anything to be enforced?
  5. Exactly.
    The law is already on the books from April of 2005. Too bad that the SEC is so freaking lazy and refuses to enforce rules that are already on the books.

    Chairman Cox is just like any other Bush appointee incompetent . . . totally out of touch with REALITY!

    Cramer is bashing Cox as we speak.
  6. Yea, watched it. We're all just hornets in a jar. We can buzz all we want. And, he has to go because he has more important things to do than explain his actions to Something to do with market makers being allowed to short w/o backup but not
    the big boys. Its the big boys we're getting screwed by or their market makers.
  7. It is going to end. It is imminent. You witnessed one of the main criminals at two. Cox makes Cramer look honest. We know all the tricks, all the games. It got so bad, Cox has the real time data that I won't see for another two or three months....... BTW, the CEO of Freddie doesnt know the number of fails.

    ANyway, here's how it ends.......

    "you have the right to remain silent.............." The FBI isn't the SEC.

    Oh, by the way. Ratigan and the Fast Money idiots were doggin' us yesterday....."means nothing!!!! Stocks fell today."

    What did they do today? How's FNM? LEH? UBS? And UBS shouldn't even be open. You want free markets? Me too!!! Locate, Borrow, deliver.

    Settle the Trades!!!!
  8. Just in case we have any lurkers, flytiger is Patrick Byrne, CEO of and good friend to Jim Cramer. He knows his stuff about naked short-selling and was a pioneer in bringing this issue to the limelight.
  9. Someday, I have hope you'll make an intelligent, cogent post. I guess today just isn't that day.

    Now go play with your friends; but be home before the street lights come on.
  10. Damn straight!

    Locate, borrow, DELIVER, and settle the trades!
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