SEC & Binary Options

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  1. xyannix


    Interesting piece out of the SEC.

    The problem with this is that Banc De Binary happens to be a regulated binary options broker under the FSA in the United Kingdom . They do not accept US based traders and they are even trying to get CFTC approval to accept US traders.

    Binary Options is great for gamers, gamblers and some investors, so why not just work out a way to regulate it like the UK, Cyprus and other EU countries are doing?

  2. Buying an ATM digital at 68/100 is great for traders?
  3. southall


    Even if you get quote a more realistic price than 68.
    They will still cheat by rejecting your orders once your account turns too profitable for their liking.
  4. Why not just trade a delta hedged vertical and call it a day?
  5. It might be if on a $100 stock the rebate is -80% and the 30 day conversion is $5 bid... lol!