SEC asset freeze of North American Clearing, Inc.

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    Do you think highly specialized chinese engineers are making $200,000 in china?

    I don't know what they make, but i"ll bet it's a small fraction of that. You see, the problem is that while the chinese will do this highly specialized engineering or whatever for a small amount of money, there are those like you that think we should pay someone here 200grand to do it.

    How bout you pay em with your money and we'll pay for what we want with our money, ok?
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    that's the whole f***ing point about this screwed up market

    did you see the market action today, all made up crap

    with all the trades that hit the market, it should have broken even

    i feel sorry for all the dump that came in half an hour before the close of trade, just like last Friday, when it made no sense at all, we'll see those shorts get fried with a 100 point up move on the dow at the open tomorrow

    didn't United Airlines want all their jets serviced in China a while back, looks like they are being well compensated by the rise in jet fuel

    that was a really dumb-ass move

    FYI, I do pay them with my money, if only you knew
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  3. Saw that. So much for getting your money on time.

    Dick around, hose everybody......... How does it go wrong? Imaging it on a National level. Don't drill, take Wall ST. Money, do their bidding.

    I hope some sane people are lingering in the wings to take the helm of the USS Titanic.
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  4. Looks like they are closing shop.
    Important Notice

    Update from Robert N. Gilbert, Esq., Trustee of North American Clearing, Inc.

    July 31, 2008

    In light of the recent financial difficulties facing North American Clearing, Inc., the Securities Investor Protection Corporation("SIPC") petitioned the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida to appoint a Trustee to oversee the liquidation of North American Clearing, Inc. On July 28, 2008, the Honorable Judge John Antoon, II granted SIPC's request by entering an order appointing Robert N. Gilbert, Esq., Trustee of North American Clearing, Inc. Effective July 28, 2008, Mr. Gilbert will serve as Court Appointed Trustee of North American Clearing, Inc., and in this role will oversee its liquidation in accordance with the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970, as amended ("SIPA", 15 U.S.C. section 78aaa et seq.).

    The Primary purpose of SIPA is to protect individual investors from financial hardship resulting from the failure of a member firm such as North American Clearing, Inc. SIPC, which was created pursuant to SIPA, is charged with advancing funds to securities customers of member firms within the parameters of SIPA. The appointment of a Trustee is the first step in that process.

    Effective immediately, all correspondence to North American Clearing, Inc., should be sent to the following address:

    North American Clearing, Inc.
    c/o Robert N. Gilbert, as Trustee
    P.O. Box 4966
    Orlando, FL 32802-4966

    During the days ahead, the Trustee and his staff will perform a comprehensive analysis of North American Clearing, Inc.'s records, financial affairs,assets and liabilities. As additional information becomes available which needs to be communicated to customers and creditors, the trustee will post such information on this website or a new website he is currently setting up. Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated.

    Robert N. Gilbert
    Court Appointed Trustee of North American Clearing, Inc.
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  5. Its been awhile...but how many clearing firms and wire houses were forced out or had to have government help? Lehman, merrill, goldman and others were under water and needed tarp to survive and penson did a fire sale , Emmet Larkin went under and oh thats right...i told everyone
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