SEC affected by shutdown?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Here4money, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. Here4money


    Just curious if I need to watch out for any market manipulation shenanigans in the next coming weeks.
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  2. Overnight


  3. Like what? What would be your remedy?
  4. Here4money


    Stay cash if it's rampant
  5. How would you even know when? How the heck are you even going to know o_O
  6. Here4money


    I don't, the SEC would, which is the purpose of this question.
  7. Sig


    If it helps, keep in mind that SEC enforcement isn't generally done by an agent sitting in the pits or monitoring a live feed and catching someone "in the act" of manipulating a market. It's all done based on research of the historical data they have access to. As a result, the impact of them not coming to work for 2 weeks will be that they're 2 weeks behind in tracking down malfeasance, not that the trail goes cold and they won't track it down ever. I think most market participants get that, although it would be interesting to see if we get a blip in enforcement action 9 months from now, kind of like baby boomlets after blizzards!
    Now if we decide that we should let the shutdown go on "for years" because all those assholes in government are lazy democrats anyway, then sure, parts of civil society will break down. However at that point SEC enforcement is probably going to be the least of our concerns.
  8. huh? Could you direct me to the SEC market manipulation site? I'd like to read up
  9. Here4money


    Yeah, I get that they wouldn't be monitoring "live" and likely rely on whistle blowers and whatnot. But if their enforcement branch is in hiatus over the shutdown, bad actors may feel more cavalier. I'm kind of curious as to how crippled they are.
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