SeattleTimes:What would happen to all the companies in the PacNorthwest after BIGONE!

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  1. I was just wondering, since the pacifac northwest is home to alot of big tech companies, and areospace companies, what would happen to these guys. I remember a few days ago, the seattle times running an article about emergency preparedness in seattle because we are due for one. If the big 9.0 or greater hits, what would happen to microsoft, boeing,, seattle genetics, intel, and tons of companies that are headquartered here. Also we have tons of canadians companies in british columbia.
  2. I let a BIG ONE rip everyday, no harm done

  3. isnt mt st helens supposed to destroy Seattle sometime in the distant future? i remember long time ago a geology professor talking about it, said its going to happen sooner or later
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    Most likely scenerio;
    many put prices on them & tek would skyrocket.
  5. ElCubano


    the BIG ONE lies under yellowstone national park...
  6. Yup, the caldera under Yellowstone has enormous destructive potential.