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  1. Watch it, something big could happen shortly. Just a thought.
  2. corvus


    WTF do you mean by that?
  3. Dominique


    “Just a thought”… What are you thinking?:confused:
  4. Hey LongShot!!!:D :D :p

    WHAT do you see in your crystal ball???:confused: :p
  5. Are you part of Al-Qaeda? I'm forwarding your cryptic message to a Homeland Security office in Seattle.
  6. They have an office in Seattle?
  7. Isn't Maverick74 usually clued into these things?

    He tried to foil the WTC attacks, but some damn liberals got in the way.
  8. Maverick74


    Just keep attacking my character you liberal piece of shit. That's all you know how to do. Funny, I don't think you would attack my character to my face. You just do it anonymously on message boards. That's something to be real proud of. I never mentioned anything on this site about the WTC attacks or damn liberals being the cause of it. You better check your facts big guy. The story I DID tell about WTC had nothing to do with 9/11 except that it happened months before it. And I have the police report to prove it. Oh yeah, I forgot, you accused me of making that up.

    I would really appreciate if you would stop using the death of 3,000 people as a punchline. I know people who lost their lives in that building and I find it incredibly disrespectful for you to use their deaths for your own amusement. You know some of us Americans take what happened on 9/11 very seriously, especially myself since I use to commute into that building everyday and was in that building an hour before the first plane hit. But then, what would a liberal care about what happens to this country. Go read some more Karl Marx you pathetic pig.

    Of course if you would like to discuss this in person I would be more then happy to oblige.
  9. You're crazy, dude. Take some rufinol or something to calm yourself down before you go out jacklighting tonight.

    I never accused you of making anything up. I think you're confusing me with a handful of other ET members who hold little regard for your political/social rhetoric.

    But seriously, man, I'd be afraid to meet you in person. I can almost see it now: you, your crazy army buddy who got discharged when you did, waiting for me in a ford blazer with a shotgun, and a jar of moonshine.

    I'd end up buried near a hunting cabin somewhere in upstate NY.

    So no thanks on the meeting.
  10. Maverick74


    I was never in the military, don't have any army buddies, I don't own a ford blazer and I don't live in NY. Oh, yeah, I also don't own a shotgun. So there you go, you still can't make a factual statement. Let me ask you something. Do you enjoy smearing people on this board? Do you get your kicks out of making up lies about other people? Is that really what does it for you?

    You don't have to meet me in person, just keep your comments to a level with what they would be if you did meet me in person.
    I also ask you to not make light of the 3,000 people who died on 9/11. I know you couldn't give a rats ass about them, but some people on this board do, so stop joking about it.

    And if you are going to keep talking about me, please use facts and not made up lies. Even for a liberal like you, that is uncalled for.
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