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    Hey all,

    I was wondering if there are any firms for proprietary traders in Seattle? I'm researching possible employment possibilities. Do firms usually sponsor license examinations? Also, do any firms offer base salaries?

    Thanks for your insight, and best wishes!
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  3. I need to correct the information provided. Echo has an interest in establishing an office in the Seattle area but one isn't there currently. Contact them as they are looking for more traders first before the office is opened as they prefer to open offices with at least 5 traders having an interest.

    Echo isn't a proprietary firm. A proprietary firm is where you trade for the firm with their capital. Echo is a professional firm. They allow you to use high leverage but you trade for yourself not the firm. They do not provide salaries.

    The Professional firms/Proprietary firms can sponsor you for the required licenses.

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    I've looked and the answer is no. There are no prop firms in Seattle. has an office in Seattle and they have one prop trader, but protrader has been acquired by Instinet and they will spinoff their prop trading business.

    The last time I visited Protrader in Seattle, the manager was not eager to hire more prop traders. Instead, he preferred retail traders in his office to prove their stuff before becoming a prop trader.