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  1. bbull


    Is there any trader living in the seattle-metro area, including eastside, etc?
  2. I was born their and am a trader..does that count? Good luck their was a thread a while back trying to get a monthly trader meeting going either in Seattle or Vancouver never got off the ground I think tho...

    G/L ;-)

  3. corvus


    I'm in Seattle part-time. I've had a chance to trade emails with a few other Seattle-area traders, but no one has gotten together that I'm aware of.

    There are a bunch of traders up in Vancouver as well. We met once for drinks, and another group (mostly forex) has met several other times.
  4. Luto


    In Seattle Here....

  5. Seattle no, West Seattle yes :)

  6. cdbern


    Seattle :).... I wanna go home, I wanna go home... oh how I wannna go home :(
  7. Where are you now?

  8. cdbern


    :( I've been transplanted to Utah :(

    I NEED green mountains and blue blue water. Those humps they call mountains here aren't covered with anything (well right now its snow).

    Seattle has to be one of the most beautiful places there is.
  9. Agree. I feel lucky to be here.
    There is an interesting "we're way over here, away from everyone else in the country so we can be ourselves" kind of thing here too which is nice. Less conformity for conformity's sake. The coffee and beer is good too :)

    Now, back to trading. What do you trade ? I trade the ES.

  10. cdbern


    same here. At one point I was interested in commodities, however I like the action in ES.
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