Seattle Traders unite!

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by bucksnort77, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Are there any other traders in Seattle, who would like to exchange trading ideas?
  2. drcha


    Hi buckshort,

    Hi--I'm an options trader, in Bellevue. What do you like to trade?

  3. GG1972



    Moved to vancouver from everett here --trade mostly stocks and indices
  4. cfelicio


    options from vancouver :)
  5. I trade stock and options on a very part - time basis. Any luck lately?
  6. drcha


    Some. Using wide butterflies and a few calendars.

    I would like to learn about FX trading more.
  7. Do any of you use technical analysis in your trading arsenal?
  8. I'm both in Mercer Island and Vancouver. And yes, I depend heavily on technical trading. Will you guys be meeting?
  9. drcha


    I use some very simple TA--moving averages, mostly. Why don't some of us meet for coffee and see if we have anything in common?

    Is Bellevue reasonably central for you? Maybe something near where the freeways cross?
  10. Bellevue would be great. What about Lincoln Town Center or Bellevue Square. BTW, is everyone full time. I would prefer to collaborate with full time traders.
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