Seattle OWS protester arrested for repeatedly exposing himself to children.

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    Max E.

    So it is now safe for us to make the assumption that every single person in the OWS movement is a pedophile, just like the left did when a couple racists went to the tea party rallies.


    SEATTLE -- A man accused of exposing himself to children at least five times across Seattle was arrested early Tuesday morning.

    Seattle police say he was taken into custody at his Kenmore residence around 1 a.m.

    Officers had been given a composite sketch of the suspect and detectives learned he had been at Westlake Park taking part in the Occupy Seattle protests.

    The man is accused of exposing himself three times on Sept. 29 -- once in Crown Hill, once near Alki Beach, and a third time on Capitol Hill. Three days later, he was spotted at Pinehurst Playfield near Northgate, and then again on Oct. 3 at the Lakeside soccer field in North Seattle.

    In one instance, the man allegedly approached two 13-year-old girls on swings, made a comment and was engaged in a lewd act when they turned to look, according to police.

    The man was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Indecent Exposure.
  2. Communists, Nazis, sex offenders...

    It looks like everything is starting to come together for these occupy losers.
  3. Exactly. The hypocrisy of the lamestream media in its coverage of the Tea Party versus the Flea Party has been astounding. With the Tea Party they spun lies and desperately latched onto one kook or liberal shill and stretched and distorted and generalized it beyond recognition. With the Flea Party the media has been cheerleaders, deliberately ignoring boatloads of bad behavior from blatant bigotry to anti-Americanism and threats of violence, arrests, filth, etc.
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