Seattle-Area Restaurant Refuses To Serve TSA Agents

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  1. Discrimination is discrimination. A persons occupation as a qualifier for entry....? I could not believe this. So in order to eat at this establishment an TSA agent must change the entire system or change profession(s). As far as retail customers go government employees are actually good ones to cater to. They have a somewhat reliable source of income. Using your customers as a political statement is very low brow and not bussiness smart.

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    At least somebody has some balls to stand up to these x-ray perverts.
  3. The front line work associates are following job instructions. The reasons why things are done this way is due to the restrictions lawyers place on all searches. The TSA was smart enough to figure out a methodology to satisfy our litigious way of life. A double bind was nearly created in the system and comonsense prevailed as usual. The trade off is safety vs privacy take your pick.

  4. We were just following orders.....

    Godwin's law. :p
  5. what a douche bag. he or she should have some sense bitch slapped into them.
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    very good. down with those idiots
  7. I don't understand where people find all these major problems with security. I've traveled multiple times in the past year and never had any issues nor have I seen anybody have issues. I think some people just have a bug up their ass.
  8. It is a private business, and since in America freedom is guaranteed, they have the right and freedom to refuse service to them.

    A true American would not only support the restaurant but fervently defend their freedom and rights.

    Anyone who disagrees otherwise in this thread cannot be considered an American at all.
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    Exactly. It's private property and the owner can refuse entry to anyone arbitrarily.

    There are wide-effect laws prohibiting racial discrimination but any other kind of discrimination is perfectly legal. For example, casino owners refuse entry to people who win too regularly. Or a Polish shop owner in Yorkshire, England refuses service to English (link).
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