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    The SeaTac Wealth Lab User Group is now centralized in the aforementioned Yahoo Group. Members can post, view the calendar, upload files, chat, and generally keep themselves informed of the SeaTac WLUG happenings.

    Membership is by moderator acceptance. Content is un-moderated.

    All Backtesting / Trading suite Users / Programmers / Developers are invited to attend (Tradestation, AMI, SmartQuant, Wealth Lab, C++ Users, etc. . . are invited to attend and participate in the meetings - if for nothing else comradiere)

    This User Group strives to meet monthly, and address topics of interest to Trader Programmers. Emphasis is on the use of Wealth Lab for Trading strategy testing and as use of a decision engine for Trading automation.

    For a brief synopsis of the groups and more about what we are all about go here:

    For SeaTac Membership request go here:

    Sister Portland Oregon Group (PDX_WLUG) go here: