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    Looking to find a seasoned winner in the markets, trading for a living greater than 5 years that would like to help a newbie in the St. Louis Missouri area.

    Me- a 34 y/o male working in psychiatry for past 10 years, well read but still learning about the markets. I've traded with Scottrade for 2.5 years for a cumulative 50% loss. I'd like to hear a seasoned perspective on the markets, learn how traders think.

    I can bring you food, coffee, beer, take notes, organize paperwork; whatever makes it worth it to you to have me hanging around asking questions.

  2. Here is a tip for free. Don't trade until you find a system that will make you money.
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    I'm definitely a big fan of that tip, thanks. Trading has been up and down, but mostly down. Today I'm considering the cost of trading on Scottrade vs. Interactive Brokers. It's clear that the commissions and my small account have influenced my stock selection for the worse. I'll be working on my system while growing my trading the old fashion way....(regular contributions from my paycheck!)
  4. You might want to papertrade on Lightspeed. They will probably let you use the platform for a couple of months for free.
  5. how do you know the trader you hang around knows anything about trading, will pass on things of value or that you will even be able to follow his methodologies?

    It ain't that easy. Frankly, this offer is not tempting, except to someone who may take advantage of you. Give away hard-won trading edges to the maid?

    It is sort of like this. Trading is a profession. Everyone wants to earn like a neurosurgeon, but few will go through the 10+ years or $400K of expensive education and pain. So only a few make it.
  6. our condolences youll never be one of those
  7. our condolences that at your birth, they kept the afterbirth and threw away the baby.
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