Seasoned Traders: What is your platform of choice

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  1. For all around Stocks, Options, and Futures?

    And, What is your Platform of Choice for Futures only?

  2. most pro's use x-trader pro by TT

    that's all you see anyone using on cnbc on the floor
  3. Sure x-trader is great once that level is achieved you need to go for the best of the best..


    what about seasoned retail traders? - what do most people prefer?

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    don't know about "most people", but I cannot think of anything as flexible at Interactive Brokers: TWS, commissions, and stocks/futures/options and foreign markets "all in one".

    Don't underestimate commissions. It's critical if you trade just a little bit. For stocks I find 0.35 (to start with) +- fees to be excellent.
  5. Lightspeed will offr the best commissions of any broker if you're looking for value.

    Xtrader is excellent. I also recommend bloomberg.

    Ninjatrader brings full C# development that you can port from mat lab, excel, etc to a multi broker platform. I also like the discretionary side - the charts are the most intuitive, imo. Just read the NT reviews - very positive.
  6. Okay.

    For all in one we have 1 Interactive Brokers, TWS.

    For Futures. 2 x-trader votes, and 1 ninja trader vote..

    Anyone else want to chime in?
  7. ESignal for data, charting, and execution frontend for IB.
  8. Ninjatrader will do stocks

    I don't really know why people recommend IB, tws is not superb. There are also allot of complaints about there services. IMO
  9. Yeah so this is it like 4 guys posted out of this whole site?

    No one here even trades for a living do they? :p
  10. who281


    Investor r/t for charts, CTS T4 for execution, charting is ok too.
    Ninja is ok used it for a while looks pretty, but kinda laggy for me and not as powerful as IRT.

    Have yet to try X-trader.

    EDIT.. sorry didnt really read, above is choice for Futures^^.

    I just use IB for stocks/options. Ninja and IRT for charts.
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