Season Premier - RISK

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  1. Season Premier - Risk

    Episode One - Non-market Risk

    In this season, I am going to trade securities and write ET posts in a free style following the main theme I planned and tested for the whole summer. The most important thing to you, the dearest readers, is that it worked and paid back, again! Although I may not be able to post a full topic at a time, I will try to complete its entirety in several subsequent posts. So please do not use hostile replies to disturb my flow of writing and my good intention to serve the blessed ET community. Abuse will be reported to ET admin and removed with no exception. Friendly questions are welcome and will be answered friendly. Thank you.

    Now, what do you think is the No.1 Finance 101 topic in the world of the investment world Yes, risks. But do you know that the non-market risks come into consideration in the first place?


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