Sears to close 100-120 Kmart, Sears full-line stores

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  1. A sign of the bad economy.
  2. lwlee


    Nah, just local to them. Ed Lampert could never turn it around.

    On the other hand, it was an awesome day trade. :D
  3. Yea, says they're facing tough competition from Walmart and Amazon. I still think the economy is really bad though.
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    Of course they are facing tough competition from Walmart, because the products they sell are cheap. It is sad that our generations need to buy such cheap products to get by today. It shows how much the economy is changing.
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    the best products from Japan never make it to US shores. what a turnaround it is from 60 years ago. at that ime post war japanese goods were considered to be cheap garbage.
  6. I think it's been something of a small miracle that Sears has made it this long. So many of their competitors (not even counting the internet), sell their products at better prices, have a better selection, more modern stores, etc, etc...

    Sears probably should have gone the way of Circuit City a few years back.
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    Almost as shocking as GM going bankrupt. Totally blindsided by this unforeseeable outcome.
  8. Have you been to one of these stores lately? Good riddance!
  9. How do you know this? Do you have first hand experience or just know it b/c someone else told you?
  10. Heads up guys, we've come full circle.

    Sear started out as a mail order catalog, What the heck is amazon or Ebay? A web based catalog.

    Who competes with the mail order or today's web based catalog, the general store = Wall Mart. Suppose WMT new slogan is if "We don't have it, you don't need it". But back in the day you'd open up your Sears catalog (it's other utlility use as Toilet Paper)and obtain whatever by mail what you couldn't buy locally. Nothing novel here except 100+ years has passed since the first Sears catalog.

    Sears success in the catalog business grew due to the fact of "stated prices" as opposed to "whatever the traffic will bear" auction type price setting of the local general store back in the day.. In this case Amazon should trump e bay.


    Now supppose long term the local consumer goes bk.The recession puts people out of the credit market. Voila, maybe Wall Mart will hold it's own receivables, issues credit to the double wide slobs. Good for business. A captured consumer,just as Sears did with it's credit card (remember how hard it was to get a Sears Charge card - the gold standard). They already take food stamps, WMT is gauranteed probably a good slice of every gov't free dollar, a dollar you can't spend in the catalog store of Amazon or Ebay (yet).
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