Sears Chairman Wants Short Sellers to Show Holdings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ASusilovic, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Sears Chairman Wants Short Sellers to Show Holdings
    By Reuters
    Thursday, February 26, 2009 Email this story | News Tracker | Reprints | Printable Version

    BOSTON (Reuters)—Hedge fund manager Edward Lampert, who is chairman of retailer Sears Holding Corp., said investors who bet against companies should not be allowed to operate in secret while others have to reveal their holdings.

    In a 15-page annual letter to Sears stockholders, Mr. Lampert said investors are being held to different standards if those who buy and hold stocks must reveal positions in public filings while short-sellers are allowed to work in secret.

    "It is a mystery as to why those who are owners of publicly traded companies are required to disclose their holdings while those who sell short those very same securities are permitted to keep their positions private," Mr. Lampert wrote in the letter on Thursday [Feb. 26].

    Ha, ha, ha !!! LMAO !! Eddie, you made my day !
  2. He was griping about naked short selling also.:D
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    This sounds fair. If you have a short position 5%+ of the float you should reveal your position.
  4. Daal


    Lampert just made a new low. I used to respect this guy
  5. I doubt retail is ready to make money the old fashioned way.

    This would be the business model of making an actual profit on selling products.

    Recently cos made money on selling you credit and making money on the credit spread, the product was the loss leader to open a charge account.
  6. How does Sears even remain in business? I've had occasion to be in Sears a few times over the past weeks and the place in a ghost town. Every time I've been in there, there have been more employees than customers.

    A couple of more things. The whole place gives a vibe of being a government office - drab lighting, displays out of the 70s, anitquated computer systems ...

    Kmart is even worse, if that's possible.
  7. the two most ghetto stores are walmart and sears. stepping into either one is like teleporting into a mexican border town or the slums of philly. all the kmarts around here are closed so i cannot compare it.
  8. ^^^ There's a pretty major difference from an investment point of view ... Walmarts are packed and Sears are like ghost towns (at least in my neck of the woods, suburban Phila.).
  9. they havent been a retqailer in a long time - they are a finance company. sell anything to anyone then charge them 30% interest. another bubble coming undone