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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cdatrend, May 23, 2009.

  1. cdatrend


    hello, I am currently searching for a good broker ,who will allow me to place pre-market trade set-ups such as ,eg., if stock reaches (intra-day) a 10% profit level, then trigger a 4% trailing stop incase of sudden move down or, another example, if stock by 3:15 pm does not trigger any set orders , then sell at current price , (I currently use optionsxpress which only allows basic stops and not much else). Any ideas?
  2. ronblack


    You need an algorithmic trading platform (BUY SIDE) such as:

    Tradestation/NinjaTrader/MetaTrader/Multicharts/Traders Studio/...


    You need a real-time feed and a custom program to send your orders to the brokers though their API (most have one).

    No discount broker will take this kind of order AFAIK. You need to program it yourself and check the conditions real-time. Then place the order if the conditions are met.