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  1. Is anyone aware of a way to do a search on the site for a three letter word? When attempting searches such as "XYZ", I get an error that the search term is too short. Adding an asterisk for wildcard didn't seem to help as it returns only four(+) letter matches. Thanks.
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    I tried it with Google's search engine using the somewhat rare three-letter word vig as an example. Input was AND vig to force them both to be present.

    It initially asked me if I meant big instead of vig and I clicked on "search only for AND vig" and got lots of occurrences of the word within the forum. See pic below.

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  3. Thanks for that. Not quite the same as native site results, but a pretty good start. Appreciate it.

    @Baron is there an easy way to add this functionality?
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    We actually had the ability to do 2 and 3-letter ticker searches a couple of years ago because I was running an outsourced search service. And then out of the blue, the search software company upgraded everything and implemented a security measure that our forum software company was not able (or even willing) to immediately comply with so we had to literally go backwards in our search ability in order to even have search at all. Total pain in the ass. Between that and some other new incompatibility issues, a complete site overhaul is imminent.
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  5. Oh man, sorry to hear about the headaches. Looking forward to seeing what's coming though! Thanks for the response.
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    Will it have an accommodation for good music, and the one on the right? :)