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Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. I am looking for a service/website (preferably subscription based) that highlights merger + buyout activity across US, CA + EU markets, ideally in the form of a daily/weekly newsletter.

    I would be interested in the details of the deals (total volume, cash %, stock % etc.), a list of requirements to be fulfilled (votes, regulatory etc.) and updated current status of the deal with deadline.

    I did my homework GOOGling around but couldn't come up with anything. Anybody know of a similar service? Wouldn't even mind if it's part of a bigger package, e.g. a news service provider.

  2. That's a good start thank you. I take it there is no specialized "subscription" service outlining current M&A activity.

    News services tend to report "A buys B for $2bln in cash" and that's it.. with inconsistent follow up. I would love a specialized service that highlights the current deals and I can drill into each deal and check financial details, history and outlook until it closes and is finalized.

    Anybody else?
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  4. This looks great, will get a trial. Thanks to everybody that replied. I appreciate it.
  5. If you have access to a BB terminal they have a set a features regarding M&A but it's been years since I used those commands... you could get real time MA news on there though.


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    Merger Insight, by Wall Street Access, is an institutional research product that is excellent. I don't know the cost, but they may give an individual a semi-affordable price. You can read some sample reports here: