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    1. I've thought for a while that I would like to have a trading partner, someone to bounce ideas off of, provide feedback, help me observe self destructive patterns, and hold me accountable to change. My spouse has NO interest in trading, no interest in reading investing books, and only rarely provides feedback. She will listen to me all day long, as a sounding board I can sometimes work things out on my own. I work with some psychologists, not many have bitten much when I talk to them about trading to them.

    I have not engaged a pro coach though it might be in my future. I have considered van Tharp due to proximity. Some simple ideas he presents resonate well with me.

    2. I have heard of close knit circles of traders that work well together. In a work environment at a trading desk it is one thing, but for guys at home I have heard of pooling money or talent and trading together. While trusting another with my money would be tough to do, I'd love to here about what others might have done. I work a full time job also, and can only be at the screen for 50% of market hours.

    3. I have recently gotten skype. With some of the applications that one can get from them (and perhaps with other services like windows live) it looks like sharing computers or screens could be easy to do. Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there security risks? Any pointers if I ever hook up with other traders with regards as to how to best do this?

    Thanks for any thing you share. Unsolicited advice and ideas welcome.
  2. Fughedaboutit BUT good luck.


    The best guy I hooked up with, we clicked on trading ideas, in the end though I couldn't stand talking to the fucker. We ended up doing well off each others ideas, he's still around I look him up once in a while but I just did not like his personality. I guess my point on this one, just because you can find similiar trading characteristics in another human doesnt mean you will like that person. Good riddance.