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  1. Hi folks.
    A long story short. I search for good traders.

    I'm a executive manager of a small < 50 Mio $
    Hedge fund located in Switzerland.

    We are searching for stock traders around the world to add more
    diversification to our program.

    We are searching for traders that have a track record for a year plus
    and in this year at least 200 trades.
    Your expected yearly return should be as high as your worst draw down.

    A broker account statement is enough no auditing needed.

    We are primary searching for system traders but we are open for every
    good program.

    You will get paid based on your performance with a small managed fee.

    You can and should stay where you trade right now.
    There is no need to come to our office of you don't want.

    If you have 100% rules we can help you to automate the system.

    If you are interested please send me a private message with your
    email address.


    Andreas Lueti
  2. Why "at least 200 trades"?
  3. Because if you have 200 trades you can start to rule out luck.

    If you have 100 and the program make sense, no doubt let us talk.
  4. The question is why should we work for you. If any trader making consistently profit out of the market, I do not think so they will even try to read this post.

  5. capital access would be a good reason.

  6. That is an easy one.

    Lets say you are a good trader and you trade your $ 50K account to $ 75K in one year.
    After your costs (office, insurance, house, car, your girl friends shopping tours ;))
    you probably earned nothing and the risk is 100%

    Lets say you will get 5 millions from us and you can make 50% again
    you earn between $ 250.000 and $ 500.000.

    You do the same Job. Nobody cares if you trade 100 shares of CSCO or 10000.
    And as long as you trade in your risk parameters nobody will call or visit you.

    Any further questions?
  7. This is where your going to lose any trader with any real experience.......

    I can tell you first hand after 15 years of Stock / Options trading and now 2 years of Futures and Commodity trading.

    That this notion of just adding a zero is totally ridicules.

    Many times I have had strings of winning months and then decided to increase my number of shares or cons THEN boom one losing month that wipes out all profits.

    You are forgetting about the most important part of trading !


    In my experiences this just can't be done ... as you claim.

    We all have our own personal comfort levels that each trader can deal with... anything beyond that ... performance suffers greatly.

    It takes me a long time to increase size and I must do it slowly and methodically.

    I would very much like to hear any feedback on my post that other SUCCESSFUL traders have had with this issue.
  8. Sashe


    CSCO may be you wont notice switching from 1K to 10K trading size. But who's trading CSCO these days? I got burnt many times trading 10-20K of less liquid stock (more momentum)... try to get out all at once at your stop-good luck. MM will eat you alive.
  9. I do agree in a lot of your points but a systemtrader with 100% rules will not have any problems switching from 10K to 1 million.

    If you trade a little bit longer term 1 - 10 days slippage would not that great problem.
  10. Well....certainly there will be an emerging CTA contacting you....I am curious, did you get any response yet?

    Michael B.
    #10     Jan 11, 2004